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Make Money as a Private Chef

Why do professional pursue self employment? It can be risky to leave the safety of an established business behind, scary to go it alone in a world that’s proven itself to be financially unstable. On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like being the one to call all the shots, making the choices and being in control.

With enough courage and hard work, almost any service profession can be translated into a new, independent career. Start pursuing self employment – find out how to make money as a private chef.

Become a Chef

Culinary school isn’t an absolute necessity for professionals who want to become chefs, though attending school and getting a degree might make it easier to find work in the self employment sector. However, many self-taught chefs have gone on to phenomenal success. All that’s truly required is a genuine passion for food, a good sense of taste and a commitment to hard work. With these skills and true desire alone, it’s possible for anyone to become a chef.

Becoming a chef is really a long road of discovery and experimentation. Study recipes, experiment with flavors and explore ingredients. Remember that learning is always an ongoing process, and even a great chef can find out something new.

Freelance Catering

Want to make money as a private chef? Freelance catering jobs are a great source of income. Remember that no event is too small or client request too much. Private chefs may be hired for all kinds of different reasons: showers, wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events, business meetings, the list goes on and on.


Get the gigs by promoting services online and regularly combing classified ads, both online and in print. Print out business cards and promote services among friends and associates. When meeting with potential clients, be prepared to make or bring edible samples so they can get a taste of the potential offerings. Be professional, be courteous and be excited about the food, and the paying gigs will follow.

Individual Clients

Individual clients can be a great source of income for private chefs, who may travel daily to private homes to prepare high-quality meals to order. Chefs who know how to create great dishes while being mindful of specific dietary concerns, such as diabetes or vegetarianism, have the skills to do very well in the private sector. Search for clients among the well-to-do, wealthier professionals who haven’t the time or the inclination to cook for themselves.

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