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Make Money as a Personal Shopper

Many different skills can translate to self employment, and shopping is one of them. It’s not always easy to scour stores for bargains or find the perfect item, and some customers are willing to pay good money just so they can avoid the hassle. Looking for a way to become self employed? Find out how to make money as a personal shopper, and start getting paid.

Who Needs Personal Shopping?

It’s impossible to make money as a personal shopper without finding a client base. Using this logic, one important question emerges: who needs personal shopping services? The answer might be broader than many professionals think.

  • The elderly. After a certain age, it become more and more difficult for people to get around on their own. Limited mobility makes shopping a true nightmare, and family members aren’t always available to take care of the chore.
  • Working professionals. Many professionals find it hard to complete tasks during busy work days, which makes shopping trips hard to schedule.
  • Other service professionals. Interior designers, wedding planners and other professionals in the service industry may find it necessary to use personal shopping services in order to get all their tasks completed.
  • The wealthy. People with a lot of money have a lot of ways to fill their time – and they don’t want to waste any of it on mundane tasks like shopping. The upper middle class and the upper class can be a rich source of customers for all personal service professionals.

Become a Personal Shopper

Making money as a personal shopper starts with identifying customers, but knowing who they are certainly won’t create cash flow. Promoting shopping services is the only way to succeed at this form of self employment. Go to retirement facilities, gyms, department stores and other places where the target customer base may potentially be found. Place classified ads in print and online. Create a Web site. Build a Facebook group. Print business cards. And promote all shopping services to friends, family and acquaintances so they can start spreading the word as well.

Other Ways to Earn with Shopping

Personal shopping isn’t the only way to reach self employment by running buying errands. Mystery shopping is a popular money-maker for many independently employed professionals who enjoy being out and on the go. Many companies hire these “consumer reporters” to search for and review specific items. Search for mystery shopping opportunities to add another facet of money-making to being self employed.

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