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Jobs & Employment: How to Make Money with a Career in Dancing

Dancing is a fun activity that can add revenue to one’s current financial situation. Although it can take years to master any one particular genre of dance, once learned, dancing is a great resource of income for those interested in making it a career. One can accomplish this goal by working as an instructor, performer, or competitor in their dance genre of choice.

Jobs & Employment – Make Money With a Career in Dance: Dance Instructor / Choreographer

Making money with a career as a dance instructor requires patience and the innate ability to communicate and interact positively with people of all types. Dance instructors can make their own hours and charge their own rates. Dancers should determine if becoming an instructor in their desired dance genre requires certification or accreditation. Also, an instructor must have a location to teach students which can be at a studio, private home, or business establishment for entertainment.


Dance instructors and choreographers can make money by charging clients hourly rates for their services. This is a short term solution to income but it can be valuable if there is a steady stream of clients. To obtain long-term revenue, dance instructors can sell products such as DVDs and books that describe their dance knowledge. This is a more stable way to bring in money and isn’t dependent on a dancer’s physical state or seasonal clientele.

Jobs & Employment – Make Money With a Career in Dance: Dance Performer

Making money with a dance career as a performer entails the skill of entertaining an audience by storytelling with one’s body movement. Dance performers need to be healthy, committed, and have excellent memory, along with a strong learning curve. Performers can become successful to the point where they enter the film industry and embark on projects in entertainment television for national and worldwide recognition.

Dance performers can make money by receiving a salary commission for their services in the form of cash or check royalties. Performers, like instructors and choreographers, can work as independent contractors and are able to charge for their time hourly or based on project involvement. Dancers should also consider long-term revenue streams by negotiating payment through a percentage share of a projects earnings over a period of time, or based on products sold with their participation as a performer.

Jobs & Employment – Make Money With a Career in Dance: Dance Competitor

Making money as a dance competitor involves combining the fierce confidence of a performer with the fundamentals of dance technique that allows dancers to outshine their competition and impress the judges. At this stage, dance essentially becomes a sport and requires a sportsmanlike mentality in order to achieve success. Competitors can also acquire fame through entertainment television programs and gain other opportunities for potential employment. There are various competitions across many dance genres that allow dancers to compete and set the standard for what is the best in the business.

Dance competitors can make money by entering competitions and winning prize money for their display of superior skills and participation at the event. Over time, competitors can generate revenue by judging competitions, performing, and instructing based on their dance expertise. Competitors in dance build a name for themselves with every event they compete in, and the exposure alone can provide some form of income based on interest by audience members.

Jobs & Employment – Make Money With a Career in Dance: Social Networking Sites

Making money with a career in dance via social networking sites demands one’s attention to promote his or her talents to others on a global scale. There are various online dance communities and social media forums that allow members to showcase their talent, abilities, and skills in dance for free. As the Internetbecomes the new place where talent scouts, business owners, and movie directors look for someone with star power and earning potential to associate with, dancers all over are vying for a chance by uploading videos and sharing it with the world.

Getting discovered via social networking is a possible way a dancer can make money. Another way is by obtaining income through advertisement on a dance blog site. Businesses that sell products and services to dancers can purchase ad space on a dance site. This is a no fuss way to make money daily with the content available on a website like articles, photos, videos, and more.

Dancing is a fulfilling action that can bring happiness to one’s life and put money in the bank. Knowing what avenues to take to make a living in the art of dancing is key to planning out one’s road to success. With millions of people looking to earn income through dance, understanding one’s skill set and passion, combined with knowing where he or she wants to go, can elevate a person from the rest of the pack. Envision a career in dancing and make it a reality through the above channels to become a top professional and live a luxury life.

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