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How to Sell Your Stuff on Craigslist and Make Money

Do you need some extra cash? Do you have some things in your garage or closets you want to get rid of? Follow my easy plan to sell your unwanted things.

There are many ways to sell your used stuff, whether it be a garage sale, eBay, or my favorite venue, craigslist. There are several reasons why I believe craigslist has an advantage over the other selling sites.

First, it is locally based. Once you go the site you click on your city or area and you will find all of the categories for selling and buying almost anything you can think of. Being local means there is no packing and shipping your items; the buyer usually comes to you at a mutually agreed upon location.

The other main reason I like to use craigslist is that it is absolutely free! There are no listing charges or fee’s whatsoever. Therefore you get to keep 100% of the profit. It is really quite easy to become an expert at selling things on craigslist and making some extra cash for yourself. Go out and find a few items and let’s get started!


Key Points For Selling On Craigslist

Open An Account

This is free and easy to do. Once your account is set up it’s much easier to post, delete, or edit your listings. You can also keep track of what you have for sale, and what you have sold in your personal account page.

Take a Quality Picture

I am always amazed at the things I see for sale on craigslist without a photograph. If you want to sell your item in a timely fashion and for the best price then it is imperative that you take a decent photo of your item. You are allowed to post several photos for each item you are listing. People like to see what they are buying. The items with quality photos sell – it’s as simple as that.

Sell For a Fair Price

Before you list your item you need to do a quick search on craigslist to see if there are other items for sale that are the same or similar to yours. This will help you determine your selling price. You also need to take into consideration the age and the condition of the item you are selling. I like to price my items in the “middle of the pack” so to speak. If you want to sell something really quickly then price it just below the asking price of everyone else. Your item will generally be the first to go.

Write a Descriptive Ad

Do not just post your item with a phone number. Doing so will deter alot of potential buyers. You need to be creative and write a small paragraph describing the item as much as possible. How old is it? What condition is it in? What are the special features, and why are you selling it? The more information you provide here, the fewer questions you will have to answer via e-mail later.

Be Safe and Smart

Let’s face it, there are some creepy people out there. It is important to remain alert and aware of who you are dealing with. I do not recommend that you post a contact phone number. It’s too easy to find out your address and other personal information by a phone number. When listing an item for sale on craigslist there is an option to have an anonymous e-mail address. The buyer can then e-mail you through this anonymous listing and it will come directly to your regular e-mail address. Once you determine the person is a legitimate buyer you can then exchange contact information. It is also a good idea to meet in a public location to exchange money and the goods. Trust your gut. If it seems odd or strange cancel the meeting all together. Do not take chances.

Be Aware of Scammers

There are many scammers perusing craigslist trying to find a naive and vulnerable person to take advantage of. One of the main scams is for a potential buyer to contact you stating they are very interested in what you have for sale, but they need to send you a money order for it. If you see this, it is a scam. The best thing to do is just hit delete. Never sell to anyone that is unable or unwilling to meet you in person and give you cash. If you hold true to those two “rules,” you will avoid 99% of the scammers trawling on craigslist.


Selling your used belongings on craigslist can be fun and very rewarding. There are no upfront costs and it takes just a few minutes of your time to list an item properly. Take a great photo, write a descriptive ad, and price your object appropriately and it will sell. This is a wonderful way to make extra cash and de-clutter your home at the same time.

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