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How to Make Money With Your Blog

Now that you know how to create a free Blogspot blog, and how to make your blog look like a professional website, you are probably ready to start making money with your blog. There are several ways to do that. We will discuss three in particular:

  • Using Adsense
  • Selling advertising space
  • Using affiliate programs

How to Use Adsense on Your Blog

If your blog platform is Blogspot, using Adsense will be a cinch for you. Simply click Monetize underneath the blog you would like to add Adsense to. You will be led step by step through the installation process. Once Adsense is activated, you can manually add as many ads to your blog as you would like by using the Add a Gadget function. And, you can drag and drop the Adsense boxes anywhere you like, including above posts and above your blog title. Remember to choose the correct dimensions for each add, so that it will be proportionate to the area you place it.

If you are using any other blog platform, you will likely have to go to Google Adsense directly and sign up for an account. This is not hard to do, and the registration process is pretty self explanatory. Once you are signed up, use the Adsense Setup portion of the site to create ads to place on you blog. As you create ad units, you will be given html code to place them on your blog. You will find lots of tips and tricks for optimizing your ads under the Resources section.


Regardless of the method you use to get Adsense on your blog, the result will be the same. Ads similar to your site’s content will be displayed on your blog. When people click on the ads, you get money in your Google Adsense account. Once you reach $100, you will be paid. Different ads bring in different amounts of money as determined by the advertisers. To check your balance, simply click Monetize from your Blogspot Dashboard, or go directly to Google Adsense and check the section labeled My Account. Clicking on your own ads is strictly forbidden and will result in your account being closed.

Selling Advertising Space on Your Blog

You may want to wait until your blog is established a bit and getting regular page views before you begin to offer ad space for sale. Or, you may want to jump right in. The choice is yours. If you choose to jump right in, you can always raise your prices once the popularity of your blog increases.

The first step to selling advertising space on your blog is to create a page named something like Advertise on this Site, or How to Advertise with Us. On this page you should put down specific information on ad placement and what you charge for each type of ad. To get an idea of a fair price, search the internet for similar blogs and websites and charge an equal or lesser amount for advertising on your blog.

To be more proactive with getting paid ads on your site, it may be a good idea for you to email companies you think would be interested in advertising with you. For instance, if you have a gardening blog, you may want to contact seed distributors, dealers in earthworms and ladybugs, online composting stores, etc. Simply tell them of your blog, and ask them if they would like to advertise. It’s as simple as that.

Using Affiliate Programs on Your Blog

Affiliate programs can be quite successful. Simply put, with an affiliate program, you put up your individual affiliate code that you have obtained by signing up for an online store’s affiliate program. When a product is bought through that link, you get a commission.

There are many large affiliate websites that house hundreds of individual affiliate programs. Once you sign up with the website, you can choose which programs you would like to apply for. Two such hubs are Commission Junction, and Share a Sale. You can also search for online stores similar to your subject, and look at the bottom links for information on whether or not they have an affiliate program.

Once you are signed up with the affiliate programs of your choosing, simply place the appropriate html on your blog to place a banner or text link. It is a good idea to include affiliate links within your actual blog posts as well, to increase the chance of visitors clicking the links.

You Can Do It

If you follow these tips, you will be making money with your blog in no time. The key is consistency. You need to post on a regular basis to keep your audience interested and ensure your placement in search engines. And, you will need to work on advertising daily.

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