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How to Make Money with Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the leading online affiliate websites for selling and promoting digital products. It is completely free to join, and members can receive a commission for every e-book sold.

How to join Clickbank

Signing up as an affiliate of Clickbank is easy, simply log open the Clickbank website and fill in the required details. You will be sent a link to your email address, which will contain your log-in details. You are now free to promote any of the Clickbank products on the site.


Choosing a Profitable Clickbank Product

Selecting a profitable Clickbank product to sell is an important part of the process. Click on the marketplace tab, and to the left of the screen you will see a list of topics that are available, such as games, self-help and food. Pick a topic that interests you, this will make the marketing aspect of the product much easier, as you will need to write about it to promote it. You will then see a list of all the products available that fall under that topic. Select an e-book which has a gravity of between 20 – 100. The gravity of a product is the number of affiliates who have successfully sold the product within the last two weeks. You want to choose something that is popular enough that it is selling, but not something that is too popular, as it may be over-saturated and harder to sell. Click on the affiliate link to check out the sales page of the product, is it clear, concise and professional looking? Ask yourself — would I buy from this website? If the answer is yes, then you have selected your first ever Clickbank product to promote.

Promoting the Clickbank Product

Some people create a whole affiliate website to sell the product on, but these methods do not require a blog or personal homepage. Instead they require several set tasks that mostly focus around article writing. To get your affiliate link click on the “promote product” link next to the e-book. This will give you a special affiliate link that will track purchases back to your profile and you will receive a cut of the money into your clickbank account. Here are two ways to promote the affiliate product without having your own website:

  1. Sign up to a forum which relates to the topic of the e-book you are promoting. Put your affiliate link in your signature box, so that it can be seen under every post you make. Start making several threads and post to get people to notice your link, and hopefully click on it.
  2. Choose some keywords that people use when searching for this product and write several 400-600 words articles based around these keywords. Submit to several article submission sites, making sure you add your affiliate link in the profile section, or embed it in the article if possible.

How Much Money can I Make on Clickbank?

This depends on your chosen niche, your writing skills, and the amount of people you get to click on your affiliate links. There are people out there making $5,000+ from promoting Clickbank products, but not without continued effort and hard-work. Good Luck!

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