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How to Make Money on Your Blog Without Ads

Many freelance writers are trying to make money from a variety of sources, including blogs they write and maintain themselves. This is a smart decision, as diversification can lead to a long and successful freelance writing career. It is possible to make a good side income from blogging, but for writers who do not want to clutter their blogs with a lot of ads, there are also some other ways to monetize. Here are a few ideas.

Sell Consulting Services on Your Blog

A blog that showcases your expertise is a good way to sell consulting services. If you’re an expert in a certain subject area, why not blog about it? You will not only establish yourself as a “go-to” person, but you’ll also build up a loyal readership. The people who visit your blog may decide to hire you down the line.

If you’d like to make additional money by consulting, make sure you add a PayPal button on your website to collect payment. After you have a PayPal account, you can generate a “buy now” button for any price, with a description of the service you offer. When someone purchases your services, you can begin making money this way.


How to Sell Ebooks on Your Blog or Website

Another option for monetization is by selling ebooks you write yourself. It’s easier than ever to write and create an ebook that will generate interest and sales. A good tip is to solve a problem for your reader. Solicit comments and questions from people that visit your blog for ideas on the things people are trying to find out about.

If you don’t want to write your own ebook, considering selling someone else’s through an affiliate program. PayLoadz and ClickBank both offer affiliate programs, where you sell an ebook and then make money per sale. Instead of ads, you can place links to the ebook in the body or at the end of your posts, or along the side of your blog.

Getting a Sponsor or Using Affiliate Programs Your Blog

Sponsors can offer monetary support for your blog in a number of ways. Some may require ads, but others may ask you to blog or link to their products. These can be unobtrusive and part of a regular blog post.

Even if you’re against general ads on your blog, you can make money using affiliates like Amazon, Commission Junction, or Link Share. Rather than placing an ad, you will simply link to or enter an HTML code into your blog post to create a link when mentioning a product. When someone clicks on and/or purchases a product from your link, you make money.

Selling additional services and links can help both you and your reader. Sometimes readers are simply looking for the answer to a question, and links and sponsors can show them the right way to go. Monetizing can be a mutually beneficial thing for you and your reader if it’s done the right way for your specific blog.

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