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How to Make Money In Your 20s

So you are in your 20s and looking to make some money. Perhaps you have chosen to go into the military after high school and you are adjusting to civilian life. Maybe, you are just coming out of college or graduate school hoping for a new job with a big company. Whatever path you chose, you are reading this article right now because you are interested in what almost everybody else is interested in – bringing home the cash and enjoying your 20s! Is it possible? Yes. Is it going to be easy? Well, keep reading.

Getting a Job in Your 20s for a Start

So you’re in your 20s, finally on your own and ready to make some money. Here is the first and most obvious lesson to be learned – stability. You need a stable income to support other ventures. How does one go about getting a job? What if you lack the requisite experience?


Regardless of where you start in the real world, you are going to go on interviews. Interviews usually require you to dress properly. Dressing properly usually requires a suit and tie. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you spend a good amount of money buying a suit, a new tie, and dress shoes. The way you look is how the world is going to perceive you – like it or not. So, don’t go cheap – throw in a new haircut! Think about it for a second. Would you be more inclined to hire a sloppy, unkempt employee or a polished, young, and ambitious candidate?

Getting Your Resume Together

So you are in your 20s, want to make money, need a job – but you don’t have a resume! Bad move, but there is a quick fix. Don’t spend oodles of money on professional resume design sites. Rather, take a look at free tutorials online. Make sure to follow the rules of writing and edit your resume until it is as polished as your look in your new suit and tie. If you have completed these two basic steps – you are ready to make some money in your 20s. If you haven’t, your education and experience will likely get you nowhere (harsh reality). Besides using sources like or, make sure you are putting your best foot forward and networking. Many people believe that job positions are taken by those who are connected to others in the “inside.” Sound about right to you? That’s what I thought.

Budget Yourself and Avoid Overspending to Make Money

Now that you are hired, you need to make sure you budget your money or your 20s could take a drastic turn for the worst. Most people think that making money is difficult. However, the opposite is true. Everybody could put in the blood, sweat, and tears to earn the buck. It is those who wisely budget and avoid overspending their money that will ultimately have the edge to succeed. Do not go out and lease a new car until you can afford to. Moreover, realize that when you buy things on credit cards, lease new cars, and make other similarly stupid choices – you are obtaining liabilities. These are not assets and if you make these mistakes, you will, without question, suffer the consequences (bills)!

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