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16 Seriously Cool Bunk Bed Ideas 2021

16 Seriously Cool Bunk Bed Ideas 2021

1. Built-in bunks with built-in bunks from Columbia Millworks

Built-in bunks from Columbia Millworks offer sleeping quarters for eight children. A frame-mounted print of a phrase from a popular children’s book is affixed to every bunk. The wallpaper featuring ticking stripes is designed by Clarke & Clarke, the plaid carpet is made from Artifacts. The room has been painted with Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray.

2. Bunk Beds That’ll Save You Tons of Space

If you’re considering designing a bunk bed that is custom created, think about it being used as a storage solution. Since bunk beds are famous for their efficiency in securing space! The unique bed created with Amber Interiors is more functional than a standard bunk bed, with shelves, drawers, and built-in niches. The range of storage options is the key to this design: places to store things away that aren’t needed and surfaces that you can style with beautiful objects. In addition, we’re amazed at the contemporary cool of this piece, which is made possible by the symmetry of the elegant wooden slats.

3. Bunk Beds Design by Tiffany Leigh

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to custom-made bunk beds? Remodel a second-hand bunk bed with a new layer of paint in a vibrant shade! We employed this method in one of the bedrooms at Amabel Beach House (pictured above) because we wanted to make the most of our sleeping space while also reducing spending. Paint a bunk bed from the past with a peachy hue of blue is the perfect solution to create beds in a fun and cost-effective way

4. Consider an Adult Bunk Bed

For those who aren’t sold on their standard frame or mattress, this can be a convincing argument to make adults take up the bunk bed trend. The bedroom is an amazing example of how you can transform this classic childhood item into something suitable for adults.

5. Bunk Beds Design by Devon Grace

“Our clients had some dead space at the top of the stairs just outside the guest room,” Devon Wegman, director of Devon Grace Interiors, who is also the executive director for creative at Devon Grace Interiors, says adding that it was the perfect size to build the bunk beds.

6. Neutral Rustic Side-By-Side Bunk Beds

Thanks to these amazing bunk beds, the kids in the room have their ideal beds. They have shelves in the bed that are perfect for boys to display trinkets, trophies, and toys. A magnetic wall behind the ladder makes an ideal backdrop for the most recent original artworks.

7. Best Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

Another top-rated bed, a twin-over-full bunk bed, provides you with extra sleeping space without taking up a huge footprint. The classic design will serve for many years and expands with your child, and offers a variety of beds in various sizes and configurations because they can be made into a freestanding bed.

8. Best Triple Bunk Bed

Maximize your floor space by putting in beds that can regularly sleep not just one or two but three children. When you’re preparing your bunk room to be a vacation home, or maximizing the space for visits from friends or family, or simply decorating your own family, this spacious bunk bed is the ideal solution. It’s simple to put together with all the tools you need provided and can be transformed into three separate beds when needed.

9. Best Bunk Bed With Slide

The most appealing thing about creating a child’s bedroom is the quantity of play and enjoyment you can include. Using this adorable bunk bed, children can climb out of bed every morning or get their energy back during rainy days. The ladder is angled to make it easy to climb onto the upper bunk, and the slim design is ideal for small spaces.

10. Bunk Bed With Futon

If you’re trying to maximize every inch of an area, making furniture and storage up is always a good option. For teens and tweens, We love this twin-over futon bed. It expands the capacity of sleeping in the room and provides an instant seating area for the perfect social gathering.

11. Bunk Beds by Our Faux Farmhouse

Bunk beds and shiplap make an ideal combination for the coziest, casual appearance. Our faux Farmhouse created a modern rustic look for this bunk room by incorporating the combination of iron-style railing, windowpane-patterned bedding, and rust-colored accents. We like the design of the wooden central staircase and how it functions as an obstacle between the bunks and provides security. The bunks are also equipped with outlets and wall-mounted sconces to ensure maximum performance!

12. Bunk Bed for Toddlers

The little ones won’t be left out of the fun that comes with a bed, although they’ll likely be safer in the lower bunk until they’re older. The bed is just 50 inches in height overall, and the lower bunk is only a few inches from the ground, meaning there’s no need to worry about your little ones getting a fall. It is available in twin-over-twin and full-over-full, and in four colors, you’ll pick the ideal size and color for your child’s space.

13. Bunk Beds by Studio McGee

The bunk room designed by Studio McGee is truly a children’s paradise. With four distinct sleeping nooks, all connected by an unassuming set of stairs, this custom-built space is anything but humble. We like the space of each bunk, which is made possible by the tall ceilings that are a luxurious feature that is not often found in bunk beds! The combination of bright white millwork and the warm wood staircase and railings is timeless and adapts to the changing trends in the room’s design. The wall niches next to each bunk make the perfect finishing touch, offering the space to store your belongings and showcase decor instead of nightstands.

14. Double Bunks

If you have multiple children that share one room, Here’s an easy solution. The bedroom has two bunk beds in each of their little cubby holes. This provides each child with privacy. The lower bunk has storage space, which means there’s no need for dressers. The stairs lead onto the second bunk, used as a bookcase on the other side. It’s a great idea, and kids will be thrilled to have their own private space.

15. Bunk Beds for 9-year-olds

As I’ve mentioned, the proprietor of the room is a 9-year-old boy, so even though everyone else likes to share the space, We wanted him to feel like he was the sole owner of the room. His interests, hobbies, and personality were reflected in the color choices and the styling.

16. Bunk beds

Beds for bunks on one end and the other; the result was a tidy, well-organized space with a fantastic central area.

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