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15 Unbelievable Places on Earth You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

15 Unbelievable Places on Earth You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

In this world, there are beautiful and strange places. that you still don’t know much These places have strange phenomena that cannot be answered.

1. Crystal Channel is a Colombian (Rainbow River)

Crystal Channel Columbia are you crystallize is a small tributary river that feeds into the boil Barrel River of Columbia with due to its unique plant life is also commonly referred to as the most beautiful.

The river fast flowing water passes through a region that’s on the edge of the Amazon rainforest the Andes

and this has produced the ideal locations for a species of plant called Macarena, Garrett to grow during the summer months it takes on a gloriously red Hugh and also provides shelter for other species to grow that adds yellow green blue, and black into the mix it’s no wonder that this place is also affectionately known as the Liquid Rainbow that is so unusual that may visit her still can’t believe that it’s real either when they’re standing right next to it subscribe to top five.

2. The Gates of Hell Turkmenistan

The Gates of Hell Turkmenistan not only is the existence of the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan hard to believe

The way it was formed is perhaps even more difficult to believe if you could visit this place near the village of Devassa 50 years ago it would have looked just like the surrounding karakul desert with Sans dressing out in every direction you look in the 1970s

The country was part of the Soviet Union on a campaign to identify all areas of natural resources that could be mined and used to support the growing population in 1971 geologist arrived in the area and believe the ground below to contain a cavern that was full of oil.

3. Naica Mine Mexico – Cave of Crystal Giants

Naica of mine Mexico what’s the biggest crystal you’ve ever seen however large you thought it was it’s nothing compared to what a team of minor discover near Naica it’s Wawa Mexico 1910 of Cavern was found at a depth of 390 feet.

it was full of gypsum crystals that were up to 3 ft 3 in Long 90 years later another mining crew took things a step further when they would drilling a new shaft and found the giant Crystal Cave which itself was 980 feet

The surface of this cave at once been flooded with hot water with a lot of minerals to deposit in crystalline structures the largest of the crystals to have been seen with 39 ft long 15 ft wide I thought to weigh as much as 55 tons.

it the largest one ever to have been found conditions in the cave isn’t exactly inviting two people though with temperatures reaching 136 degrees Fahrenheit and a 99% humidity only be in there for up to 10 minutes without full safety equipment even.

4. Fly Geyser Nevada, USA

Fly Geyser Nevada there looks like it would be at home on an alien planet amazingly. it’s only about 20 miles north of the town of Gerlach Nevada.

And actually is the result of human activity on a well was drilled in 1916 with a view to irrigating water due to the geothermal activity in the region the water was close to Boiling Point so the well was a bandit but a calcium carbonate, begin to form around the opening a second hole was dug in 1964 by an energy company.

5. Richat Structure in Mauritania

Richat Structure in Mauritania Mauritania also known as the eye of Africa the richest structure is a strange formation in the desert rock near the Small Town of Lloyd on it in Mauritania the inverse Dome is 25 miles in diameter and has exposed various layers of rock.

it’s one of the easiest natural structures to see from space from ground level and if you were there you’d probably be unable to notice anything different about it from the surrounding land quite how it was for me has been the subject of scientific debate ever since it was first discovered in the 1930s.

6. Russia Lake Baikal

Russia Lake Baikal which is in southern Siberia is the largest known freshwater lake in the world contains almost a quarter of our planet’s non ceiling surface water at 5387 FT deep.

it’s the world’s deepest lake and is also thought to be the oldest after forming around 25 million years ago as you’d expect there’s a wealth of plant and animal life in the region.

The thing that’s particularly amazing about this place is what happens when it freezes over because it’s formed in a valley. it’s exposed to freezing winds that blow across the surface and this leads to the creation of unbelievable eye structures that are hard to believe form naturally methane bubbles are often trapped in the ice small particles are blown together Frozen melted and refrozen to join into unusual shapes rocks can even be seen sitting on their own IC pedestals at the right time of year this is one of the most Serene and awe-inspiring places on Earth.

7. Stone Forest Madagascar

it’s quite possible we’ll never know for certain Stone Forest Madagascar is usually thought of as a place within the unparalleled amount of biodiversity.

its geographical features are equally impressive the Stone Forest which is within the singing Day by Mara National Park began life hundreds of millions of years ago.

8. Crooked Forest in Poland

Patience on great the Crooked Forest Poland deep within a forest near the town of Ruffino in Poland is a phenomenon that is confused researchers and visitors alike ever since.

it was first discovered called The Crooked Forest there are an estimated 400 pine trees. if for some reason grown very differently to normal it’s the other they were planted during the 1930s when the region was a part of Germany and after emerging from the ground like usual they bent towards the north for several feet

9. Red Beach Pungent, China

China is a country that’s full of incredible Geographic sites which is perhaps not as surprising as the red Beach. it’s around the mouth of the pending sometimes the river with soil is so alkaline that very few species of plant can grow one that does particularly well is this where the salsa which is a deep red color.

it looks so remarkable who was once thought that Mars was red because it was covered in Crimson plants and if that were true the future pension is surely how it would have appeared with so many plants growing on the shores the red beet is the largest Wetland area in the world and together with the largest read Martian Asia which is also there the whole region is a protected area of natural interest it’s home to more than 260 different species of birds and more than 400 species of other types of animals including the rare red-crowned Crane and black mouth goals.

10. The Pink Lake of Senegal

Lake retba Senegal on the northwest coast of Africa about 18 miles Northeast of the Senegalese capital of the car is a lake like anything you fight elsewhere in the world has extremely high salt content in this provides ideal conditions for Dunaliella to navigate to thrive with a bright red color that makes the water appear to be pick usual he was far more prominent during the Region’s dry season between November and June.

the effect is accentuated by the magenta bushes that grow around at Shores the lake is an important economic Center to thousands of people who rely on retrieving in selling the salt deposit.

the smallest fish in the waters catches here don’t quite match up to what’s possible and other Lakes however because just do live in such salty water the fish only grow to around 1 quarter the size.

11. Montero Reimer Venezuela

Montero Reimer designed to it in Venezuela isn’t your ordinary Mountain though and its 12 square mile Summit is surrounded by 1300 ft tall Cliffs almost in a square shape.

it’s actually on a TriPoint border between Venezuela and Guyana and Brazil and has long been part of local beliefs the payment and Capone people believe it to be the stump of a giant tree that wants more all the fruits and vegetables in the world and seemingly unscalable Cliffs have inspired a number of stories including the Lost World.

12. Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand prismatic spring Wyoming USA is stunningly colorful. Grand prismatic spring is in Yellowstone National Park has the largest hot spring in the US

it’s bigger than a football field at about 370 ft wide and with a depth of at least 160 ft you could fit a 10-story building inside it the spring has been through a crack in its floor through which is much as 560 gallons of water is released into it every minute its normal temperature is 160 degrees Fahrenheit

13. Tianzi mountains China

Tianzi mountains China in Hunan Province are some of the most unusual mountain formations in the world covering an area of around 17,000 Acres they’re made from quartz Sandstone.

the first begin to emerge from the earth about 400 million years ago. who called himself the son of heaven when the mountains are covered in Mist there’s something mystical about them and it’s no surprise they were the inspiration for mountains capes in movies like Avatar.

14. Glow Worms in New Zealand

Glow worm Caves New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries in the world will be on the peaks of the mountain ranges that deep valleys

The glaciers series of caves that seem to have come straight from a fairy tale the reason for this is because they’re home to glow worms which are the larval forms of a species of fungus gnats that are endemic to the country known locally as T T Y

15. Underwater waterfall Mauritius

Underwater waterfall Mauritius is known for its idyllic beaches and crystal-clear see if there’s an unbelievable phenomenon at the southwest corner of the island

that appears to be an underwater waterfall despite how it looks this isn’t actually a flowing region of water but instead, an optical illusion that happens because of the seafloor structure the only one sits on an ocean shell which is no more than five hundred feet deep at the edge of the Shelf however it soon plunges down to depths of them or two and a half miles and what you’re actually seeing any underwater waterfall it’s not water falling down into the abyss but particles of sand that are being pushed over by the current.


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