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15 Best Places To Visit in Greece

15 Best Places To Visit in Greece

To list all the destinations to see in Greece would be difficult. It is an incredible land of beauty that offers an unending range of scenery. From rugged mountains covered in snow and ancient ruins to turquoise waters with white sandy shores, Greece can meet all traveler’s requirements.

Alongside the beautiful Greek Islands and the stunning Greek Islands, some of the top places to go to in Greece are Greece’s incredible ancient places.

Greece is the place where democracy was born. Democracy and is also the birthplace of Western civilization. It is awe-inspiring with its combination of beauty and history. Greece is certainly an excellent place to visit.

There are many destinations to explore and things you could do in Greece to please every traveler.

If you’re planning to travel soon, be sure to look through our amazing Greece tour guide. It’s not just one of the most affordable destinations to travel to, but it’s also one of the top destinations to visit for food.

1. Santorini

Perhaps being one of the popular places to go to within Greece, Santorini is the jewel of the Aegean. Every year, thousands of tourists are drawn by Santorini’s beauty, leaving the feeling that there’s no anywhere else quite like it.

This stunningly beautiful spot is among the most beautiful of the Greek Islands. World-renowned and stunning, Santorini is a must for yourself. You can take an underwater dip in the crystal clear waters, wander around the picturesque villages and dine at the upscale eateries; Santorini will captivate you. It is one of our most loved destinations in Greece.

2. Nafplio

Over the years, Nafplio has been shaped by a variety of styles. Today, Nafplio is the preferred destination among the Athens elite and is one of the most popular places to visit in Greece for the wealthy and famous.

It is believed that the Ottomans, Byzantines, Venetians, and many more have left their marks on this tiny seaside city. Fortresses and citadels adorn the hillsides, giving Nafplio the enticing appeal.

The friendly and patriotic town has been the former capital city of Greece, according to what the residents will gladly explain to you. In addition to its past, Nafplio also offers some excellent restaurants and beaches where you can unwind and unwind.

3. Corfu

Corfu is an island in the northwest region of Greece. In addition to its rich heritage of culture, Corfu also has mountainous terrain and some of the most stunning beaches found in Greece.

Corfu is among the most sought-after destinations for tourists to go to in Greece. When travelers look on the internet for places to visit within Greece, Corfu usually shows on the list of the top 10 among all locations in Greece.

But, if the crowds of tourists aren’t your style, then the secluded beaches extend along the winding coastline of Corfu. With all the beautiful beaches available, it’s very simple to locate your perfect area of heaven.

4. Knossos (One Of The Best Places in Greece For History)

A brief bus or car ride away from the Cretan capital Heraklion is the Minoan ruin of Knossos. This bronze-age relic age was once the home of the vast Minoan civilization, which ruled the region for more than five thousand years in the past.

The remains of Knossos are among the most well-preserved bronze age artifacts in the entire country of Greece and provide a breathtaking experience to behold. A visit to Knossos is one of the best activities to participate in when visiting Crete.

Alongside beautiful mosaics and fine pottery, there’s also the Hall of the kings. The Hall of the Kings is where the story of the Minotaur and Labyrinth was told.

5. Zakynthos

Home to most of the Greek Islands with the most exciting nightlife spots, Zakynthos is among the gorgeous places in the Mediterranean. Turquoise waters, beachfront with white sand, and massive chalk-white cliffs make Zakynthos its distinctive beauty.

The island also houses among the top-scored places in Greece, The stunning Shipwreck Cove. Also called Navagio beach, this alone makes Zakynthos an essential destination to visit.

The central part of the island isn’t as explored as the coast, which is dotted with fir trees and olive groves, making the island more charming.

6. Athens (One of The Best Cities in Greece to Visit)

There aren’t many cities on the planet with a rich history like Athens can. It was the place where democracy began and is recognized as the originator of Western civilization; it is a city with a history that spans through the centuries. The vibrant and pulsing city is an absolute must-see and possibly the most beautiful city to explore in Greece overall.

Athens is awash with Greek culture and is brimming with amazing sites, including that of the Parthenon and The Temple of Zeus. Be sure to go to The Plaka district. This tiny area of Athens is situated just beneath The Acropolis, a stunningly gorgeous place to visit.

7. Rhodes

There is a lot to see on the Island of Rhodes, located in the southwestern part of Turkey is among the Greek Islands’ most visited destinations. Rhodes accommodates every taste from backpackers to famous and wealthy who are all attracted by that teardrop of the Aegean.

With some of the most beautiful swimming places with the best swimming spots in Greece, Rhodes has the perfect blend of charming towns, stunning beaches, and archaic past. If you’re looking to dance all night in Faliraki or relax in one of the many five-star Hotels, Rhodes covers every angle.

8. Meteora (One of the Best Places to Visit in Greece on the Mainland)

The next thing is something slightly different. Meteora is among the most unusual locations to explore in Greece and Europe all around!

In the middle of the northern part of Greece, Meteora is home to one of the world’s most impressive Orthodox churches.

The Meteora Monasteries are one of the few UNESCO World Heritage sites awarded a double status. UNESCO has given two world heritage statuses: one for art and another for nature. The breathtaking hoodoos and bluffs of Meteora are both awarded.

It is a place in which fingers of stone reach towards the heavens, as well as Orthodox monasteries perched atop the tops. A place where people live in the skies and continue to revere God with a passion that dates back to an earlier time.

9. Delphi

This is a different destination for those who love history. Delphi The center of religion in the world of ancient times is a fixture even now. It is situated on the slopes of Mount Parnassus; these ancient ruins were once a site that attracted people (even the kings) to listen to the wisdom from the Oracle.

The Oracle of Delphi has been inscribed into Greek history, and the words of Apollo’s priestess have been heard over the years.

It is believed that the Temple of Apollo still stands and is among the most impressive sights of Delphi. Alongside The Temple of Apollo, there is also the Athena Priene Theatre and an ancient stadium.

10. Skyros

The city is located in the middle of Skyros in the middle of Aegean; Skyros is known for its stunning sandy beaches, strenuous coastline, and seaside towns. Tradition-based and unspoiled, Skyros is a great destination for a peaceful holiday.

While open fields and pine forest dominate the north, The south is defined by sandy shorelines and deserted hills. Skyros can remain off the radar for quite a while and has not attracted large numbers of tourists as most islands in the rest of the Greek Islands.

If you reach Skyros, be sure to make sure you keep an eye out for the famous wild horses of Skyros. Since the beginning of time, Skyrian horses have grazed the island. However, they are getting fewer and fewer. We don’t know how long you’ll be able to observe these majestic creatures out in nature.

11. Olympia

Olympia is where Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, is another of the cities that you should visit when visiting Greece inscribed into history.

In the hallowed Valley of the Gods, it’s still possible to view the Olympians’ old stadium and training grounds. In the past, Olympia would’ve been one of the top cities in Greece.

In addition to the training grounds and the stadium, The UNESCO recognized Olympia is also home to some of Greece’s most preserved temples and monuments.

12. Skiathos

Skiathos is where you can find some of the most stunning beaches in Greece. Most well-known for its beaches or nightlife scene, Skiathos is a staple on the agenda of many travelers in recent years.

With crystal clear water with white beaches and some amazing nightclubs, It is obvious why. Despite the increase in tourism, it hasn’t preserved its natural beauty. With over 60 beautiful beaches and trails for hiking through lush pine forests, Skiathos is a nature lovers’ paradise.

13. Halkidiki

To the south of the town of Thessaloniki is the peninsula of Halkidiki. This could very well be the most secret place in Greece.

It is the home of one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Greece. The Halkidiki peninsula offers a great mix of modern-day luxury and ancient traditions.

It is believed that the Halkidiki peninsula is divided into three parts that stretch across the Aegean. The peninsula is home to three fingers: the Golden beach with sand of Sithonia headland, The resorts and restaurants of Kassandra, and then the mysterious Athos that is home to one of the most respectful religious communities found in Greece is considered to be a tradition in its extreme.

14. Mycenae

We finally have an ancient city that is a major factor in the legends and myths of the past. Mycenae’s wall Mycenae was so tall that the early Greeks believed their construction was due in the Cyclops.

The town of Mycenae is a remnant of the time before Greece and appeared in stories like the falling of Troy. Its most famous ruler was the powerful King Agamemnon himself.

Separating myth from history is difficult in Mycenae since Mycenae was the city the most powerful 3500 years ago. Mycenae is away from the tourist trail and takes visitors to an area of the country that only a very few tourists have the opportunity to visit. Without a doubt, Mycenae is among the top archeological sites in Greece, which will have you amazed by the engineering skills of the ancient Greeks.

15. Chios

Chios is off the beaten path, but it’s underrated. We visited this tiny island during our recent trip to Greece, and we enjoyed Chios.

The hidden medieval villages, the stunning beaches, funky accommodations, and fantastic food options make this island one of the top places to go to in Greece.

Chios is becoming more sought-after, with more companies opening their doors on the island. We decided that it was time to add Chios to the list when we updated it to 2020!

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