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15 Best Castles In England To Visit

15 Best Castles In England To Visit

The UK and castles go hand-in-hand as if they were magnets and steel. The vast estates in the UK have long been the home of the characters who appear on the screen regularly. The importance of the estates means they’ve been taken care of extremely well. They have been one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Take a few minutes to envision your ideal castle with that thought in your mind. What will that mansion appear like? Do you want an impressive clifftop spot with a view of the beautiful beach? Maybe you’re more interested in the battle-worn damage of a classic moat and drawbridge? Castles can be found in all sizes and shapes in these parts, offering something for everyone. However, the grandeur of these places should ensure that they satisfy all the boxes for visitors. You could spend the night in some of the castles.

The relationship that cities and towns have with castles is fascinating than initially thought. There is a sense of pride in the splendor and beauty of these castles; however, the political implications of their construction could cause some residents to scream. It is a thrilling aspect of traveling around the UK: the breathtaking views and the tangible past of the structures and buildings. These are the most beautiful castles. They are available in the United Kingdom has to offer.

1. Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle might be smaller than the rest castles, but it’s one of the most beautiful castles in England to see during your next visit.

In East Sussex, this 14th Century castle is a treasure trove of decades of history that is easy to explore. A Knight from Edward III built it. The castle was erected to defend against the French in 100 years.

Explore the castle, walk across the moat, and discover the rich story of this magnificent place.

2. Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle has a written history dating back to 420 AD and is one of the oldest castles within England to explore.

The castle is situated on its Northumberland beach; it was the first castle ever destroyed by artillery during the ‘War of the Roses’ during the 15th Century. Today, you don’t have to be concerned about being a part of the War of the Roses and can easily go inside to see the staterooms, grounds, and the beautiful beach it overlooks.

The whole region is beautiful and is easily one of the most beautiful castles of England to visit when you’re traveling to the northern part of England.

3. Warwick Castle

There’s a wealth of historical significance to discover in Warwickshire, including Warwick Castle is no exception.

It’s one of the most well-maintained and beautiful castles in England to see if you would like to take a trip for a day to London and Birmingham. It’s only an hour away from London and Birmingham by train, so there’s no excuse not to go.

4. Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Castle is one of my top choices and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful castles in England, particularly since it is located on the island of the Holy Trinity in Northumberland that is separated from the other UK often as the tide comes in. The road that leads to the island is cut off.

The castle was once a defense fortress situated between Scotland and England. This castle and the island itself have an extensive history dating to the past a few thousand years. It’s believed that the Viking Age truly began here in the year that the Vikings attacked.

After visiting The Holy Island and exploring Lindisfarne Castle, Make sure you make a stop for a glass of the well-known mead (made by honey).

5. Lancaster Castle

The castle was founded around the end of the 11th Century; Lancaster Castle has more history behind it than it initially claims.

It is possible to think it’s a stretch to say that Lancaster Castle is pretty old since it was built before the eleventh century. However, beneath the castle’s foundations, a more ancient Roman fortress was utilized by (you you guessed it) the Romans.

Enjoy a stroll around the grounds, and take a look around one of the most beautiful castles of England for you to see.

6. Cowdray Castle

The castle was visited by Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VII; Cowdray Castle has an extensive history dating to the 16th Century.

In the rolling countryside that is West Sussex, Cowdray Castle is an absolute gem to visit during your visit to the South Downs National Park.

Additionally, you could easily combine this trip with a trip to Arundel Castle and a visit to Amberley Castle while you’re here. It’s a stunning region dotted with the most beautiful castles found in England.

7. Totnes and Berry Pomeroy Castle

One of the most impressive examples of a Norman Motte, Totnes (and Berry Pomeroy) Castles is a breathtaking place to visit for several hours.

It is located in the River Dart; it’s easily one of the top castles to visit in England if you are a fan of Norman’s historical significance. Additionally, you can combine this with a trip towards South Devon. South Devon coast and the charming fishing town of Salcombe.

8. Tattershall Castle

Tattershall Castle is one of the most unique and gorgeous places to take an afternoon visit.

The castle dating to the 15th Century is among the top castles in England if you’re looking at a redbrick version of the castle.

And don’t forget to put on your walking shoes and take in the stunning grounds surrounding the castle. It’s an amazing place.

9. Dover Castle

Dover Castle was built in the 11th Century Dover Castle is frequently referred to as the”key to England because of its crucial place in defense of the southeastern shores from continental Europe.

We don’t require this protection, and it’s open for all of us to take advantage of.

Have a stroll around the grounds of the castle, take a look at the gorgeous architecture and then pair it with an excursion to the beach.

10. Framlingham Castle

The stunning castle of Framlingham is one of the most impressive defensive castle walls found in the UK and is certainly one of the top castles within England that you can visit.

When you arrive, be sure you visit the historical workhouse, look at the Tudor chimneys, and discover more about the area’s past. Then, take an excursion to the high walls (as you’re afraid of the heights).

11. Windsor Castle

Let’s face it, Windsor Castle needs a little introduction.

The home of The Royal Families is among the top famous and most beautiful castles to be found in England, particularly when you travel through London. London region.

Take a train to central London (about 30 minutes), and you’ll be right in front of the castle. It’s truly a breathtaking spot to see.

Make sure you reserve your tickets in advance (to ensure you don’t miss out). Also, ensure no planned events because certain areas are shut down depending on the time of day.

12. St Michael’s Mount

Near the beautiful Cornwall coast. St. Michael’s Mount is stunning and is easily one of the most beautiful castles of England to visit. This is particularly relevant if you’re already in one of the charming spots in Cornwall or along the west coast in general.

Have a stroll around St Michael’s Mount, learn more about its history, and see if you can see the giant living there, which is believed to have been a resident of the area.

13. Leeds Castle

Don’t be lost; Leeds Castle isn’t in Leeds (in Yorkshire), but in reality, it’s closer to the south (in Kent).

Interestingly, a castle (in one form or other) was present at this location for over 800 years. The castle today is home to a lot less militarism and events, picnics, and live entertainment.

It’s a wonderful place to spend a relaxing afternoon and enjoy the rich culture of Leeds as you explore the grounds of the castle.

Admission costs may indeed be a bit more expensive than other castles, but it’s stunning and worth the cost for an afternoon trip.

14. Arundel Castle

The castle was built on Christmas Day as early as the year 1067. Arundel Castle was one of England’s most famous and beautiful castles England that you can visit.

A family-friendly home and you can go inside to see the staterooms, visit sleeping quarters, and discover the breathtaking landscape.

After that, go to visit Arundel Cathedral. Then, you can and then stay at close Amberley Castle and explore a delicious English winery that is only 30 minutes away.

15. Highcliffe Castle

In Dorset, Highcliffe Castle is a relatively new castle and was built in the 19th Century.

The castle could appear rather modern (as the most beautiful castles in England). But don’t let that fool you. The castle is full of historical significance here.

Highcliffe Castle’s stones were built from Medieval Benedictine Abbey of St Peter in Normandy (France). There’s a wealth of history to learn about.

Additionally, while visiting Dorset ensure that you go to Durdle Door, Corfe Castle, and the Jurassic Coast to look for fossils. There’s a lot to do and see in this region.

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