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10 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Belgium

10 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Belgium

Belgium is a small nation with a strong personality. This country in the western part of Europe is a well-known tourist destination. But don’t let its size fool you; Belgium is a wealth of things for visitors to enjoy. We’re not only talking about food, although we’ll talk about waffles, chocolate, fries, and even beer!

If you’re seeking art and culture or an adventure in the outdoors, Belgium has something for all. From charming cities to elegant small towns, and from beaches with sand to rough mountains, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your trip.

How do you know where to begin with so many beautiful landscapes and amazing locations to pick from? This is why we chose the top ten beautiful spots that you should visit when visiting Belgium to guide you on your next vacation.

If you come across a spot that you love, you could also use this map to find the most suitable hotel for your stay.

1. Brussels

Brussels is not just the capital city of Belgium but is also the official capital of Europe. Brussels is also the home of numerous significant European organizations. In the end, Brussels is a truly multi-cultural and international city. Diplomats and politicians from all across the globe have made Brussels their home and made the city an incredibly bustling metropolis. While Brussels is often referred to as a city of bureaucrats, it’s well-known as a tourist attraction.

Brussels has a rich past featuring beautiful architectural styles from various times. The famous Central Square (Grand Place) and its impressive Town Hall to elegant 19th-century mansions. Also, from quirky art-deco buildings to modern high-rises in Brussels’ business districts. Brussels is also an art-centric city with numerous galleries benefiting from the low rents compared to Paris. Also, who could forget the famous Manneken statue Pis, the puking boy?

2. Antwerp

The place that Brussels can be all business Antwerp has fun. The capital city of Belgium’s Flemish Region is the second largest town in Belgium. Antwerp is also the largest port in the country. The crucial trading position led to the city’s prosperity during the sixteenth century. At that time, Antwerp also became a city of culture and art.

Antwerp is often referred to as the diamond city because of its central role in the diamond trade. The traditionally orthodox Jewish diamond district is still processing around 85% of the uncut diamonds in the world. It is situated near the most beautiful structure in Antwerp, the central station. The gorgeous Gothic structure is often referred to as the railway Cathedral.

For more information about the past in Antwerp, take a trip to Antwerp’s MAS museum. The art lovers can satisfy their cravings in the Rubens House, where Rubens, the most famous Belgian painter, was once a resident. Antwerp is also a great location for shoppers with gorgeous designer boutiques and, of course, diamonds.

3. Ghent

Ghent isn’t the biggest city in Belgium; however, it is most loved. Tourists and residents alike fall in love with the appeal of this charming city. From the stunning Medieval city center to the chic boutiques and bars, Ghent is a must-visit in Belgium.

Ghent is a town that is university-related with a comparatively youthful population. It is why Ghent is a city with a lively scene, an exciting nightlife scene, and an active art scene. There’s no dull moment in Ghent!

Explore the city’s historic center, with its magnificent Gothic architecture and a charming harbor, and an authentic castle-like on one of the charming water trams. The Cathedral is home to an iconic painting, “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb,” worthy of a visit. After that, take a stroll along those cobblestone roads of Patershol for a bite to eat at one of the small hip restaurants.

4. Bruges

Bruges could be the gorgeous area in Belgium and, of course, the most well-known! The town of fairytales attracts about 8 million visitors each year. It’s not bad for a town with a population of just less than 120,000. Due to the city’s popularity, Bruges is a victim of overtourism, particularly in the summertime. To enjoy a relaxing experience, take a trip to Bruges in the off-season. The city is beautiful in winter, with the feeling of winter wonderland and beautiful illumination.

Walking through Bruges truly is like going back in the past. Its Medieval center of the city is considered to be one of the most preserved cities of its kind in Europe and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. It’s difficult to choose the most significant landmarks among an abundance of beauty; however, it is the Church of Our Lady, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, the market square, and the famous 13th-century Belfry must-sees.

Take one of the numerous tours or go to or visit the Historium Museum to learn more about the past of Bruges. You can also explore the city on yourself and dive into every side street you pass by because there are numerous hidden treasures to be discovered.

5. Mechelen

When we are getting to lesser-known cities of Belgium, Mechelen is a personal suggestion. It’s a beautiful tiny city with a gorgeous historical city center. The relatively short distance to Antwerp is perfect for spending a day or an evening excursion.

As you enter the city, the first place you’ll visit will be The Grote Markt. This beautiful market is lined with iconic landmarks such as The City Hall and many cute cafes. Mechelen is awash with Medieval buildings and churches and cathedrals; among where it is, the Cathedral stands out as the most striking. The bell tower, which isn’t finished, provides an excellent perspective of Mechelen’s city. It’s also worth strolling along the canal and through the Begijnhof and its numerous courtyards. For those who love art, it is worth an excursion to the City Museum in the Hof van Busleyden.

6. Leuven

As with many Belgian cities, Leuven is home to a variety of Medieval architectural styles. The 15th century’s elaborately embellished City Hall is the crowning beauty of Leuven. It is possible to take an ongoing tour to discover more about the Gothic masterpiece. The 13th-century Beguinage, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is worth visiting.

Leuven is also the home of one of the top universities in Belgium, particularly in humanities and arts. It’s Catholic University Leuven has many stunning buildings, but the library is one of the most impressive and hosts a permanent exhibit on the past of Leuven.

Belgium is home to rich beer culture, and it produces some of the finest beers available. In Leuven, it is possible to visit the famous brewery of Stella Artois brand. Also, you can enjoy an alcoholic drink in the market square that has the longest barrow in Europe.

7. Spa

The most sought-after tourist spot of Belgium is the tiny spa town Spa. Natural springs in the town provide the world-famous “Spa” mineral water. It is also the home of the Belgian Grand Prix, the world’s first beauty contest in 1888, and one of the oldest casinos in Europe.

Apart from the odd assertions of fame, Spa has become a hugely well-known tourist destination. Since the 14th century, tourists have come to Spa to experience the health benefits that are claimed to be associated with the Spa’s natural water spring. The city’s name has been associated with health, wellness, and hydrotherapy. The modernized thermal spas are the primary tourist attraction; however, there’s much more to do and see in the city.

This town is also surrounded by stunning nature that is perfect for long walks and cycling. Parc Seven Heures is a favorite place to stroll around and is definitely worth a trip. There’s a funicular ride to the summit of the hill, with views of the town and a fascinatingly interesting museum in the background of the laundry. To find out more about the background of Spa, go to The Musee de la Ville d’Eaux.

8. Dinant

Dinant is a significant place within Belgian history. Archaeological evidence suggests that humans resided in the area around the Meuse Valley from in the Stone Age. Through the ages, Dinant was occupied by various forces since it was located on a crucial European trading route. Evidence of all these influences is still evident even today.

In the early 19th century, Dinant became popular with artists and painters. It’s not hard to envision how Dinant’s beautiful town and the vast landscapes influenced the artists. As you enter Dinant, the promenade that runs along the river immediately draws your attention. The vibrant houses and magnificent Cathedral provide an open welcome to visitors. Overlooking Dinant is the ancient citadel perched upon a tower.

There’s plenty to do and see in Dinant, such as taking a trip to castles and enjoying the natural surroundings to visiting Leffe brewery and the saxophone museum. Leffe brewery and Saxophone museum.

9. La-Roche-en-Ardenne

The Ardenne mountains are among the most well-known and picturesque locations in Belgium. The region of the mountains is surrounded by dense forests and is a popular destination for outdoor pursuits like mountain biking, hiking, and Rafting.

La-Roche-en-Ardenne is a town of a few hundred inhabitants located in the Ardenne region that is the ideal location for an outdoor adventure holiday. The village’s historical significance is the Pearl of the Ardenne and is extremely busy during summer. A tiny tourist train will take passengers around the attractions like The castle La-Roche-en-Ardenne and Parc a Gibier, a natural park with wild animals, as well as the Petting Zoo.

The other highlights include museums of local culture and the Hotton caves, and of course, the stunning nature.

10. Durbuy

Durbuy may appear like a village. However, it’s the smallest town in the entire world. The city was given official rights in 1331. its clever slogan is among the main reasons that visitors so love it. Durbuy is also breathtakingly beautiful and charming. The beautifully preserved historic city dates to the late 17th century and is like something from fairytales. Most of it is due to the charming, privately owned, and not open to the public.

There is plenty to do and see in Durbuy. Go up the viewing tower and view Durbuy from a different viewpoint. The town also has a stunning park with topiaries, a modern art museum, and a corn maze. For adrenaline junkies, there is an excursion to Durbuy’s Adventure Valley. Adventure Valley Durbuy and foodies, there are many local delights to try.

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